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Mushroom foraging in the Sierra Norte

The Sierra Norte continues to blow my mind… with each and every visit! I recently wrote about my experience riding

La Reina and Llano Carreta Overnighter

Okay, so it may be short on distance… but it’s big on climbs and while-knuckle thrills!

Projects, projects…

My to do list. Sort of.

Smoothmovin’ to San Cristóbal

Who wants to ride a smooth dirt road when you can ride a smooth dirt road AND enjoy some roughstuff?!

Rough ‘n Tumbling to San Cristóbal

A short backcountry ride that forges a rough ‘n tumble passage into the foothills of the Sierra Norte, west of Oaxaca.

Los Molinos Trail

Tucked away along a grassy verge beside the highway to Tuxtepec, Los Molinos Trail offers a green counterpoint to grey tarmac.