While out riding in the Americas, I kept a blog. Ten years on, I’m still out riding.

My plan? This decidedly ‘old fashioned’ blog will act as a scrapbook journal of sorts. A change in pace from my previous residence, While Out Riding, it will offer a home (a tiny house?) for random, bike-related content: travel reports and gear musings, mainly. Some of this material will likely grow into more rounded, fleshed out thoughts for Bikepacking.com, or find its way over to 3 Mile Ride, which is currently ‘in-the-pipeline’.

Born from Covid 19-induced creative angst – holed up as I am in Oaxaca, Mexico – I hope it will provide an outlet for sharing daytime rides and the thoughts that bubble up during them. I admit that I also miss the more wholesome, halcyon days of long-form blog keeping, now that our collective attention spans have been usurped by the scroll-and-like immediacy of Instagram.

I’m still figuring out layouts here, so bear with me…

Ultimately though, this blog will be kept simple and largely bells and whistles free. It will be somewhere to jot down thoughts and post pictures in a format that offers more depth than the scroll-and-you-miss-it platform of Instagram.

It’s easy to create these quotes… I just need to write something quote-worthy!

And it seems that lists are very straightforward to make too. I do like lists… like the food I ate on my ride today:

  • A 125g bag of peanuts from the market
  • A goblet of carrot, ginger, and orange juice
  • A fat, mole-flavoured tamale wrapped in a plantain leaf
  • Local ice cream, pecan nut flavoured
  • Hibiscus water – a great antioxidant!
  • Morning bowl of porridge with peanut butter, raspberries, and raw honey.
Expect lots of pictures of my bike propped up against walls. Yawn?

Oh, and a big thanks to Mike Hayes for hosting this site and helping me get it set up!