Wildflower Season

Back up to Ixtepji for wildflowers, hot chocolate, and mushrooms!

It’s been a while since I was last in Ixtepeji, cue a 2-nighter with @chrome.alone (doubling his previous bike camping record) and leggy Huesos of course. This time we mixed it up… ascending into the forested heavens via the Reserva Ecológica La Mesita, sussing out a new and unfortivably steep little connector (after hiking to Cerro Peña de San Felipe at 3100m), riding primo Ixtepji trails through a tapestry of ferns and wildflowers, feasting on enfrijoladas downed with hot chocolate in the centro ecoturistico, camping up at windy and rainswept Pelado Chiquito, and then barrelling down dirt roads all the way to Huayapam for ice cream. En route, we foraged for freshly sprouted Amanita caesareas, now that the seasonal rains are back again. How I love this luscious and colourful loop!
Chad’s MTB of UEO (mountain bike of unknown exact origin) survived unscathed, v-brakes and all…which just goes to show how miraculous and wonderful bicycles are, whether they’re new and dreamy titanium, or vintage steel that’s 30 years old. Also, everything he rode or wore or carried was purchased or made in Oaxaca. More on all that soon!
You can find route gpx files of these rides, and ideas for other Oaxacan outings, at @bikepackingcom. I didn’t record a route for this trip. Broadly speaking, it was a mix of the Micro Vuelta de la Sierra Norte and Hebras de Ixtepeji, mas or menos.

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