More on that Jones

Given my continued enjoyment of the Jones Ti SWB, please allow me to brag just a little…

Microwaving with Neon Ron!

A hilly little legspinner around town, via the Microwave Tower and the Parque Estatale Cerro del Fortín.

Smoothmovin’ to San Cristóbal

Who wants to ride a smooth dirt road when you can ride a smooth dirt road AND enjoy some roughstuff?!

Rough ‘n Tumbling to San Cristóbal

A short backcountry ride that forges a rough ‘n tumble passage into the foothills of the Sierra Norte, west of Oaxaca.

Los Molinos Trail

Tucked away along a grassy verge beside the highway to Tuxtepec, Los Molinos Trail offers a green counterpoint to grey tarmac.

Playing Plant Detective (on High Flyer Ridge)

When riding through a land as biodiverse as Oaxaca, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses… (or rather, the Coryphanta pallidas)

Jalapa del Valle, on dirt and pavement

A 45km loop, with an especially fine view from up top… and the promise of tasty memelas from down below.

Skirting the foothills to San Agustín Etla

A 50km loop along the foothills of the Sierra Norte to San Agustín Etla… and back following a disused railway line.

Jones Titanium SWB: ruminations

A few words about the bike I’m currently spending (all my) time riding…

San Bartolo Botanical Ride

A 50km route/botanical exploration into the hills south of Oaxaca.

Gravel, mtb, and bikepacking routes in Oaxaca + gpx files.

Oaxaca has a wonderful network of varied cycling, from big enduro trails to rural roughstuff, from high mountain overnighters to coast-bound roller coasters…