More on that Jones LWB Spaceframe

Apparently Jones Spaceframes have been around for 20 years!

Oaxaca Dirt Road Bike Club

T shirt and stickers and patches! Maybe?

Chalino and his Vintage MTBs

25 at the last count?!

Wildflower Season

Back up to Ixtepji for wildflowers, hot chocolate, and mushrooms!


A deep pictorial dive into this Mountain Bike of Unknown Exact Origin…

Yagul Campout

A local overnighter with stormy skies, goatheads, cactus fruit, and coffee…

Herrera With added Memelas

Herrera Trail with added Memelas (Cass and Antonio) and Tortillas Con Asiento (Huesos)

Francis Cycles’ Farfarer trailer

If you’re feeling a an urge to step outside of the (bikepacking) box, a trailer might just be what you’re after…

Presa La Mina Day Bimble

A half day bimble on an e-bike and a vintage mtb…

Catchup (and OG Blogging v IG)

Catching up with a few recent images… and mulling the inevitable demise of IG…

All about the Schwalbe G-One Allround

Do you have a ‘plus’ bike but sometimes wish it was a ‘gravel’ bike?

Jones LWB Spaceframe

Magic Carpet Ride

A Jones Titanium LWB Spaceframe sighted in Oaxaca!