Category: Oaxaca

Yagul Campout

A local overnighter with stormy skies, goatheads, cactus fruit, and coffee…

Herrera With added Memelas

Herrera Trail with added Memelas (Cass and Antonio) and Tortillas Con Asiento (Huesos)

Presa La Mina Day Bimble

A half day bimble on an e-bike and a vintage mtb…

Cjell and his La Roca Izquierda-y

The man. The myth. The bike. And that fork.

Yeshe Parks and his Monē

Yeshe, his Monē, illustrations, and spoons…

Mushroom foraging in the Sierra Norte

With each and every visit, the Sierra Norte blows my mind…

Foothill Trails to Huayápam

A ride to the foodie haven of San Andrés Huayápam.

Tlacolula Barbacoa

Is it Sunday already? Let’s go to Tlacolula!

The Joy of the (Half) Day Ride

Day rides are great, but half day rides are fun too (-:

La Reina and Llano Carreta Overnighter

Short on distance but big on climbs… and white-knuckle thrills!

Projects, projects…

My to do list. Sort of.

Microwaving with Neon Ron

A hilly little legspinner around town, via the Microwave Tower and the Parque Estatale Cerro del Fortín.