Chalino and his Vintage MTBs

25 at the last count?!

(This one goes with this one)

I mentioned Chad’s MTB of UEO in my last post. It’s one of 5 vintage bikes Chad aka Chalino covets here in Oaxaca (bought in Mexico via FB Marketplace) and 20 preserved in his cabin in Canada. But my maths could be a bit out by now, as I believe the numbers are prone to fluctuation. All sport a good-natured assortment of new and original parts, and date back to between 1988 and 1996.
The bags are self-made; they don’t follow a published pattern as such, rather, they are from Brain of Chad, the materials of local shops, and a sewing machine that was purchased here too. This particular mtb was chosen for the trip as it sports a full frame bag – scroll back a few IG posts for another vintage specimen with a partial bag.
Perhaps it goes without saying that all of Chad’s clothing and camping gear (I use this term loosely, as he travels with few of the core accessories one might associate with bikepacking) were also bought in Oaxaca, mostly from a local thrift store chain (except, I believe, for one Ice Breaker top that scuppers this otherwise unblemished record of bringing only pre-owned goods).
In no particular order: ‘dedo libre’ riding gloves’ (currently lost), army surplus leggings, Vans, flame shorts, leopard skin leggings for daytime use, pink ‘Snap On’ ankle socks, long socks, Pearl Izumi neon windbreaker, yellow rain pullover, army paratrooper sun hat, 2 down blankets (probably Cosco specials), a camping throw to lie on (with original owners name), filter, cat mug, no brand bivvy, fleece lined camo face wrap with chin straps, Ice Breaker undershirt, mediation shawl.
To be honest, I’m not convinced it’s a robust multi-day mountain setup, in part because we availed ourselves of my stove for soul-warming miso soup on our second, rather blustery evening. And to enjoy coffee too – we would have survived without it, but it definitely set the tone for this super fun weekend trip. Still, with some resourcefulness, stoicism, and good fortune (like the corrugated sheet wedged into place as a wind block on Drizzly Night 2) what Chad does choose to cram into his homemade bags certainly gets him out there!

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