Gravel, mtb, and bikepacking routes in Oaxaca + gpx files.

A while back I got a little stuck in Oaxaca, Mexico (stuck, as in I can’t get back into the States, where my son lives, for various reasons).

Cycling keeps me sane so I started to dig around and see what day rides I could enjoy. It didn’t take long before an excellent treasure trove of routes in the area, Oaxaca MTB, revealed itself…

That evening I dropped Larry Ginzsky, the site organiser, a line. By morning, my inbox and diary were chockablock with rides and since then, I’ve been working my way through his generous resource. I’ve lightly modified them on occasion to suit my obsession for paved-free riding. And I’ve also dug around further for multi-day adventures, in preparation for more relaxed, post-pandemic times.

It turns out Oaxaca de Ju├írez has a tonne of riding potential, much of which can be easily accessed right from the city’s front door!


Here’s my Ride With GPS profile but click on this link for a curated version of my favourites Oaxaca outings, divided into gravel, mtb, and bikepacking categories. It may be that you need to be signed in with RWGPS to see these collections. I’m not entirely sure. In any event, RWGPS a great route-designing program and I highly recommend it.

Note that I haven’t had the chance to ride most of the bikepacking routes – due to Covid-19 restrictions – but I’ve checked them over with local cyclists. Can’t wait to get out there!

Let me know if you have any trouble accessing theses routes, or even, if there are any other issues. If you’re signed in, you can download gpx tracks too.

Aside from Larry’s font of information, be sure to visit Oaxaca Explorer for ideas, another site that I’ve trawled for inspiration.

Thanks for checking in. And enjoy!

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