A deep pictorial dive into this Mountain Bike of Unknown Exact Origin...

As mentioned previously: @chrome.alone‘s Mountain Bike of Unknown Exact Origin. It’s seen here clad in self-made bags, next to Huesos, The Smiler and Befriender of Almost Everyone.
Within those bags, expect to find some blankets and a bivy (but no sleeping bag or mattress), some evening-wear dungarees and furry ear-flap hat, and a bunch of recently purchased inner tubes, on account of a sage goathead incident.
The bike was bought on Facebook Market Place. But don’t let those Mercurio stickers and Guadeloupe head badge fool you! It likely originates in Taiwan, having been brought back from California to Mexico sometime in its history. It’s nothing flashy, but the original bits that were on it suggest it’s no cheapskate either, and it’s just about perfect for exploring these Oaxacan countryside lanes (especially with its motorbike riserbar for commanding views over the mezcal fields!)
The bikepacking designs? DIY, straight from the needle of a locally purchased sewing machine and the hands of @chrome.alone. I think the Dangleboot sets it all off especially well. And doesn’t that Suzuki top pop! 🤯

Don’t forget your Pink Panther Klean Kanteen.
The Guadeloupe head badge is a nice touch, as are the Hotwheels and Mercurio stickers.

Threading our way through the Yagul preserve.
Suzuki Pop!!
Goathead Alley.
Campo singletrack is the best.
Coffee In the Street.
Huesos-eye view.
Two roads diverged in the Mitla Valley, I took the one less traveled.
The Dangleboot!

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