Catchup (and OG Blogging v IG)

Catching up with a few recent images... and mulling the inevitable demise of IG...

Like more than a few disillusioned IGers these days, it seems, I think it’s time I poured some creative energy into a more personal platform. Still Out Riding was always meant to be a meaningful alternative to the ever more ad-crammed Instagram… and help me feel a bit better about squandering my time online (and not like I’m wasting it like rabbit caught in headlights, as per the aforementioned!). This is not to say there isn’t fantastic stuff on IG, as there is. But it’s becoming more and more frustrating wading through the BS to get to it. In addition, I dedicate this space to be officially Reels Free!

I expect the halcyon days of blogging are behind us, but perhaps there will be a small resurgence, and I’d like to be a part of it. And if not, blogs make for a far more enjoyable diary to look back upon than a thumb powered IG scroll!

All this said, I’m clearly not doing my bit, as a year has passed since I last posted! (not that I’ve posted much on IG over the same period, but still, I’ve certainly been window shopping and I dare not peek at my phone’s stats).

So, here’s a ‘transcript’ from a recent IG post to get me back into the swing of it again. I do like playing around with photo layouts (I used the SCRL app), so let’s see how it looks over here. Kinda cheating, but bear with me while I find my rhythm again (-;

A brief pictorial catchup from valley riding around Oaxaca over the last few weeks, now that the rains have brought a lush canvas and cooler temperatures to the countryside. Mostly trail outings with friends, Huesos-rides (with HIS friends), and e-commutes around town and along dirt roads. More likely than not, taken with the Fuji x100v, my little memory catcher.

Figuring out some new trails in the hills behind Huayapam, and an old favourite up to Laguna Seca
Ferns galore, getting ready to spread their little seeds.
Allow me to indulge with some images of Huesos.
Luz de Luna is one of my favourite eateries, and part of a perfect little Huayapam half-day ride. Best washed down with tejate.
Huesos, now weighing in at 18.8kg. Eek! Still, such a handsome fella.
New-to-me murals outside the cemetary at Zaachila. Plus stormy skies (but little rain).
Cavorting and wresting with Brown Dog is always a highlight of Huesos’ day.
Antonio has the brightest bike and makes the best chocolate. Check him out at Mamá Pacha Chocolate, in town.
E-bike colour co-ordination, coz those details matter. And trumpeting elephants in Tule.

Still remembering how this blog works, so that’s it for now. Not much bonus content this time over IG, but not ads at least (-;

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  1. mike

    25 September 2022 at 9:08 am

    There’s defo a place for a high quality blog like this… I’ve noticed that recently people ask more often if I have a blog rather than if I have an insta or YouTube account, for years it was the other way around, people do still appreciate meaningful content.


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