Microwaving with Neon Ron

A hilly little legspinner around town, via the Microwave Tower and the Parque Estatale Cerro del Fortín.

This is Ron.

Ron’s from Vermont but spends much of his time here in Oaxaca, where he loves exploring rural roads… and generally just being on his bike. Ron’s 73 and I’m pretty sure he’s been a cyclist for most of his life. He lives predominantly car-free and has an electric cargo bike at home in Burlington, where he helps run the Old Spokes Home community-minded bike shop. 

Ron’s part of a small posse of riders I’ve met, via Larry and his excellent Oaxaca MTB resource. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Ron (both from near and from afar) in anything but a neon yellow bike getup, with a matching neon yellow buff on occasions too. He owns that look!

Yesterday we headed out for a quick leg stretcher. Cobbles up to the Microwave Tower. Dirt stint across the ridge. Broken pavement to the northern end of the Guelaguetza. Then back down into town on a ‘lil slice of dicey singletrack.

I haven’t asked but I imagine Ron rides a classic bicycle at home. Perhaps it’s lugged and steel and it’s been his trusted companion for many years. But here in Oaxaca, he treated himself to a spangly full suspension Giant Reign, propelling him straight into 21st century MTB tech: dropper, stubby stem, hydraulic brakes and all.

Although no stranger to cycling, Ron claims he just took up mountain biking. But that doesn’t stop him ripping along the rutted and rooty trails here with a somewhat alarming sense of abandon.

That’s it for today. Except for this super cool bug we spotted on the way back. It’s a cactus weevil and it uses its impressive proboscis to sip the nectar out of cacti. The proboscis kind of reminds me of Ron’s sidemirror, hahaha!

Route and downloadable gpx below. For such a short ride, prepare yourself for fair bit of climbing. Watch out for a couple of slices of fruity singletrack too.

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