Oaxaca Dirt Road Bike Club

T shirt and stickers and patches! Maybe?

I’m excited to announce that maybe there will be a small collection of fun and cool T shirts/stickers/patches should you visit Oaxaca, ride its dirt roads, and want to commemorate the experience in some way.

This is all thanks to my kind and multi-talented friend Yeshe, who spent a few weeks cycling here in 2021 and really ‘got’ this place.

More of Yeshe Park’s work here.

Please check it out!

Compas Todo Terreno de Oaxaca

The rough translation is: Friends of Oaxacan Dirt Roads

I love all of the illustrations below, but I think my favourite is the person pushing the Benotto (note double top tube and mattress roll), with a beam of light illuminating Oaxaca. Because we all know what it’s like when day bike touring takes a little longer than expect, right?! Plus, I love flags, long chainstays, and bendy bars.

What next? Maybe a line of 29 x 2.6in Monétto dirt road tourers, with double top tubes, bi-plane forks, parts than can be found in every Mexican town, and an aesthetic inspired by the classic Benotto campesino bikes…

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