Mexico (and core) Gear List

My gear list for Mexico... and a few other bits I sometimes carry too.

Here is my full packlist for Mexico – be it desert jaunts or mountain bikepacking at 1500-3000m. It’s actually fairly close to what I’d carry for touring in colder and more remote environments too (like Peru), as I wasn’t quite sure where I’d end up on this trip. I will add in some pictures when I can – unfortunately my camera is at the repairer’s right now. I’ll eventually work in links, too.

Almost all of the gear listed is tried and tested stuff that I know and love. I did, however, make some recent investments – the Outdoor Research shorts and facemask are new purchases, the former replacing some excellent Kitsbow shorts I’ve had for years (but are now too baggy for me, as I may have lost some weight!) The Melanzana Microgrid Hoody is a gift I’ve yet to try out.

I’ve included the electronic gear I carry if I’m working from the road. For shorter trips I pare gadgetry down, as it’s by far the heaviest part of my gear list and takes up a fair bit of room. Without my computer + accompanying paraphernalia, I can generally lose the truss fork packs – here’s a more slimline version of my setup that includes everything I usually need on shorter-range excursions.

Ultimately, as much as I like to travel as light as I can, I value practical gear – especially on longer journeys – that lasts the test of time, over ultimate gram saving. Where possible, I also aim to buy or use gear from companies that I feel I resonate with in some way.


  • Hyperlite Ultamid 2 + inner (good for rainy season and mozzies)
  • 10 assorted tent pegs (for different conditions)
  • Ruta Locura carbon tent pole
  • Exped sleeping mat
  • Thermarest Vesper 20f/-6 quilt (0c comfort, -6c extreme)
  • Homemade pillow case (stuffed with leftover clothes)


  • Trangia alcohol burner
  • Clikstand ti support
  • 900ml ti Evernew pot
  • Homemade wooden spoon
  • Opinel no 10 knife
  • 300ml bottle of alcohol/meths
  • Small Bic lighter
  • Sea to Summit X-seal and go bowl
  • Stasher silicon bag (sandwich size, for leftovers and plastic-free touring)
  • GSI coffee filter
  • Hydrapak 3L silicon water bladder
  • 1.9L Clean Canteen
  • 650ml water bottle

Clothes + riding gear

  • Outdoor Research Ferrosi shorts
  • Sleeveless running top (for riding in)
  • Fast wicking boxers
  • Lightweight running shorts (for around camp)
  • Riding socks
  • Riding mitts
  • Locally bought leg warmers
  • Cut down Smartwool leggings
  • Melanzana Microgrid Hoody
  • Patagonia Houdini (windproof)
  • Outdoor Research down jacket (rather old so in need of an upgrade)
  • Lightwight rain poncho
  • Waterproof shorts (or cut-off rainproof trousers)
  • Cut down Buff neck gaiter
  • Outdoor Research facemask
  • Bontrager Solstice MIPS helmet
  • Bontrager Flatline MTB shoes


  • Gear repair kit (sewing/patches/glue etc)
  • Passport + money purse (paperwork backed up to cloud)
  • Decathlon sunglasses
  • Basic medical kit
  • Washbag (bamboo t-brush, small refillable toothpaste, eye drops, face oil, lip balm, nail clippers, Dr Bronner)
  • Tool bag (fairly comprehensive, all the usual suspects like this)
  • Pump
  • 1 x inner tube
  • Wolftooth Encase multi-tool (stored in handlebars)
  • Hiplock Z-lok


  • Sony A73 with 28-75 Tamron lens + 4 x 64GB SD cards
  • Giotto Rocket sensor dust cleaner
  • I spare battery (I use the camera’s internal charger as battery life is very good)
  • Various cables (iPhone/USB etc)
  • Anker USB-C 8,000 mah cache battery (QI fast charging)
  • Anker QI USB charger (2 ports)
  • Phone 6 (Gaia GPS/Mapout Apps)
  • Quad Lock mount
  • JBL Clip 3 speaker
  • Earbud headphones
  • Small Ortleb small dry bag (for electronic gear)
  • Wahoo Roam (+ RWGPS Premium account)
  • Petzl USB-charged headtorch
  • 2013 Macbook Air 11in stored in Sea to Summit padded case (I try and leave this behind when not needed)
  • 2 x Samsung T5 500GB SSD drives (+ 1GB Dropbox)

Other gear/alternatives I sometimes bring

  • Anker Powerport solar charger
  • Giro merino riding gloves
  • Alpkit 900ml Myti mug
  • Solo Stove Lite (twig/biomass stove)
  • Comfy cotton t-shirt (with cutoff sleeves!)


As mentioned above, I leave the Truss fork packs behind when maximum capacity isn’t required. But when in doubt I like having them, as they extend my range between resupplies considerably.

Questions? Feel free to ask below!

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  1. Pistil Pete

    19 August 2020 at 1:11 am

    It’s always interesting to see how our contemporaries pack, and a seasoned traveler is a good example.
    Thanks Cass

    • Cass

      22 August 2020 at 1:34 am

      Thanks Pete, I appreciate you checking in!


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