Mexico (and core) Gear List

My gear list for Mexico… and a few other bits I sometimes carry too.

Jones Truss Fork Bags + Pineapple Review

Love bikepacking? Can’t resist tropical fruit? These are the bags for you!

More on that Jones

Given my continued enjoyment of the Jones Ti SWB, allow me to brag just a little…

Microwaving with Neon Ron

A hilly little legspinner around town, via the Microwave Tower and the Parque Estatale Cerro del Fortín.

Smoothmovin’ to San Cristóbal

Who wants to ride a smooth dirt road when you can ride a smooth dirt road AND enjoy some roughstuff?!

Rough ‘n Tumbling to San Cristóbal

A short backcountry ride that forges a rough ‘n tumble passage into the foothills of the Sierra Norte, west of Oaxaca.

Los Molinos Trail

Tucked away along a grassy verge beside the highway to Tuxtepec, Los Molinos Trail offers a green counterpoint to grey tarmac.

Jalapa del Valle, on dirt and pavement

A 45km loop, with an especially fine view from up top… and the promise of tasty memelas from down below.

Jones Titanium SWB: ruminations

A few words about the bike I’m currently spending (all my) time riding…

San Bartolo Botanical Ride

A 50km route/botanical exploration into the hills south of Oaxaca.

Gravel, mtb, and bikepacking routes in Oaxaca + gpx files.

A while back I got a little stuck in Oaxaca, Mexico (stuck, as in I can’t get back into the

Hacienda ‘El Molino’, Oaxaca.

A short, all-road ride out to the ramshackle remains of an adobe hacienda, where cacti and mason bees have now taken up residence.